The Environmental Club Constitution



Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Cornell College Environmental Club.

Article II.  Purpose

The purposes of the Environmental Club are:

  1. A.To educate the Cornell College community on local, national and global environmental issues and matters of concern;

  2. B.To initiate and encourage environmentally friendly policies and practices;

  3. C.To, when possible, form connections and work with individuals and groups outside of the Cornell College community;

  4. D.To promote appreciation of the natural world through talks, exhibitions and outdoor activities.

Article III.  Membership

Everyone is welcome to attend meetings of the Environmental Club and to take part in its various activities, and membership is open to all members of the Cornell College community.

  1. A.The initial membership list each academic year shall consist of the members of the Executive Committee elected the previous year and all those who indicate, in writing, their desire to be members of the club.

  2. B.For purposes of voting and carrying on other practical business of the club, there shall be a distinction between members and active members.  Active members are those members who have attended 50% of the club events during the year including the present meeting at which business is being conducted.  An event shall constitute a meeting, activity, outing, or actively working to plan and/or execute a major activity.  The secretary shall record attendance at each event on the back of used or scratch paper or electronically.

Article IV.  Executive Committee

  1. A.The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and previous President if available. The Executive Committee shall:

  2. 1.Meet twice a semester with the Faculty Advisor for general discussions of the club’s activities and plans;

  3. 2.Plan  the club’s program and activities for the following year; In spring

  4. 3.Determine each year, in consultation with the active members of the Club, meeting dates and times for the year, and revise the meeting schedule as necessary

  5. B.The President shall:

  6. 1.Preside over all meetings of the club and of its Executive Committee;

  7. 2.Delegate tasks and coordinate the work of the members of the club and committees that may be formed;

  8. 3.Represent the club to the college and beyond;

  9. 4.Appoint one person to the position of Web Master–with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee;

  10. 5.Create such committees as may be necessary to carry out the club’s program and detail the responsibilities of each committee, with the guidance of the Executive Committee.

  11. a.Committees created by the President, unless otherwise specified, shall be bodies that gather information and make recommendations pertaining to specific projects and/or goals.

  12. b.Recommendations shall be presented to the entire club at regular meetings.

  13. C.The Vice-President shall:

  14. 1.Assist the President as requested in fulfilling the President’s duties;

  15. 2.Assume the President’s role when he/she is absent;

  16. 3.Oversee the activities of the various committees established by the President and present each committee report at each meeting;

  17. 4.Oversee publicity for all events.

  18. D.The Secretary shall:

  19. 1.Take the minutes of each meeting, distribute the minutes to members, and maintain the record of the minutes either on used or scratch paper or electronically;

  20. 2.Conduct correspondence for the club at the direction of the President;

  21. 3.Take attendance at each meeting and maintain a list of active members to be made available at each meeting.

  22. E.The Treasurer shall:

  23. 1.Be responsible for managing all club financial matters;

  24. 2.Maintain and keep current all club financial records;

  25. 3.Present a Treasurer’s Report at each meeting on club financial business and the status of the club account;

  26. 4.Deposit all funds in the Student Activities Fund at the Cornell College Business Office. All disbursements shall be made by checks drawn upon this fund.

  1. F.The Web Master shall:

  2. 1.Maintain and update the Environmental Club Website;

  3. 2.Report as necessary on the status of the website at general meetings.

Article V.  Voting, Elections and Terms of Office

  1. A.For elections and for all other business requiring a vote, 51% of the active members shall constitute a quorum.

  2. B.For elections and all other business requiring a vote, decisions shall be made by a majority vote of the active members present and voting.

  3. C.In the event that an active member knows in advance that he or she shall miss a vote, and has attended the previous meeting at which the issue at hand was discussed, that member shall be able to petition the Executive Committee in writing for permission to submit an absentee ballot. If approved by the Executive Committee an absentee ballot may be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Secretary, to be opened and counted during the vote in question. If the measure in question is altered between the time the absentee ballot is filed and the date of the vote then the ballot is no longer valid and should be discarded.

  4. D.In all matters requiring a vote, the presiding officer shall not vote except to break a tie.

  5. E.The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected in that order at the beginning of term eight each year; nominations will be from the floor and all elections will be by secret ballot.

  6. F.Ballots will be counted by the two highest ranking officers not themselves involved as candidates for office; if that is not possible, ballots will be counted by two active members appointed by the President who are not candidates for office.

  7. G.Newly elected officers shall work with current officers for the remainder of term eight and take over the rights and responsibilities of their offices at the beginning of term nine.

  8. H.In the case that a new faculty advisor is needed, as the last order of business at the annual election meeting, the club shall choose a faculty advisor; while nominations may be made from the floor, the Executive Committee will recommend one candidate which the Executive Committee has selected and with whom the Executive Committee has consulted.

Article VI.Vacancies and/or Removal from Office

  1. A.Officers who do not fulfill their duties or who cease to be active members may be removed from office.

  2. B.The proposal to remove an officer must originate from the Executive Committee.

  3. C.In cases where the Executive Committee has proposed a removal from office, the matter will be discussed at the next general meeting and settled by vote at the general meeting following.

  4. D.Should an office for any reason fall vacant, an appointment will be made by the Executive Committee and approved by vote of the active members.

  5. E.Proposals to remove the Advisor must originate from the Executive Committee. When removal is proposed it must be discussed at a general meeting and settled by vote at the general meeting following.

Article VII.  Amendments

  1. A.Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by any active member.

  2. B.The President or presiding officer must be notified prior to the meeting of amendments which will be proposed so they can be placed on the agenda.

  3. C.Amendments must be presented in written form with copies for all members present when discussed at a general meeting.

  4. D.A vote on the proposed amendment will be taken at the next general meeting following its presentation and discussion.

  5. E.A vote on the proposed amendment may only take place if a quorum of 67% of active members is present to vote.

  6. F.An amendment to this Constitution must be ratified by a 67% vote in favor, reviewed and approved by Student Senate.

Article VIII.Ratification

  1. A.This Constitution must be ratified by 67% of all members voting. 

  2. B.This Constitution and all amendments to this Constitution must be reviewed and approved by Student Senate.


Constitution of the Cornell College Environmental Club

Ratified December 2006