A Message from the Alumni Director

To Our Revered Alumni,

As the new Alumni Chair for the 2014-2015 school-year, I look forward to working with all of you. I am excited to help you all to become more involved and aware of current and upcoming events within the group. Through the brotherhood of Phi Kappa Nu, we have all become dedicated to the fivefold purpose, which our fraternity was founded upon, and as you all have helped to create the great history that we continue to value, we shall all carry on the traditions and ideals that have bonded us as brothers. With lasting connections between our active members and our alumni, we can continue to grow and prosper carrying the wonderful colors of blue and gold. I am honored to become your connection between all generations of Newts and I look forward to fulfilling my duty as Alumni Chair. I cannot wait to get to know all of you personally, and help to continue with your legacy. I hope to see many of you many of you this fall during homecoming and introduce you to new members we inducted last spring.

In Brotherhood,
Kent Schlorff
Alumni Chair