The KRNL Station

KRNL 550 AM first went live April 17th, 1948 and since that time has been providing quality radio entertainment for Cornell College and the outlying areas of Mount Vernon, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City. Changing to its current position at frequency 89.7 FM in 1963, it has maintained this position up to the present day. Over the years KRNL has undergone many transformations, including the "Fine Arts Voice of Cornell College," "Kernel of Corn Country," "Foster Home of Rock & Roll," bouts of ever-changing popularity, and countless dramatic events which could take forever to list here. Through it all however, the station has persevered, continuing to be a positive source of experience and enjoyment for the people who listen in and slave everyday to keep it on the airwaves.

KRNL was originally housed in Armstrong Hall and moved to its current position in the second level of the Commons in 1966.