Welcome to the website for KRNL 89.7 FM broadcasting from Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa.



Meet our New Staff!

We've got some fresh new faces in our lineup. Come on in and say hello! We're in our office most days over lunch - just poke your head in, ignore the construction dust, and give us a wave! We're still in the middle of sorting through our library, too. Keep your ears peeled for updates!

About KRNL

KRNL is a student-run, college radio station operating at a frequency of 89.7 FM. KRNL seeks to provide both a personal, alternative source of entertainment as well as broadcasting experience to the outlying community. It shall be considered KRNL's objectives to:

  • Encourage and broadcast a diverse selection of music
  • Promote personal experimentation and growth of broadcasting and managerial techniques within all persons associated with KRNL
  • Be a valuable resource for any person within the community to use
Contact Information


Office: 319-895-4431

Studio: 319-895-5765

Postal address

KRNL 89.7 FM

810 Commons Circle

Mount Vernon, IA 52314


Station Manager: Ellen Larson

Business Manager: Nicole Casal

Music Director: Bryce Connelly and Brett Krull

Online Director: Kent Schlorff

Advisor: David Yamanishi